Udor GKC (CKC) 30/24-GR Plunger Pump 8GPM 3500PSI


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Udor GKC (CKC) 30/24-GR Plunger Pump

Udor has recently updated the GKC series and now they are CKC model pumps. You will receive the updated CKC model.

**This pump has the 1″ Gear Reduction. If you need the 1-1/8″ please note when ordering or contact a customer service technician.**

8.0 gpm, 3500 psi, 24 HP Gas Engine Power Requirement

1″ or 1-1/8″ Hollow Shaft 2.2:1 Gear Reduction. Please specify the shaft size you require when ordering.


-13″ L x 9-3/4″ x 5-1/2″ H (Solid Shaft Models)

-Heavy Duty Bronze Connecting Rod Assemblies with Guide Pins for Perfect Cap Alignment 2 Lbs each.

-Heavy Duty Reinforced Brass Heads with External and Internal Bracing

-Large Diameter Stainless Steel Valve Caps with Increased Thread Depth

-Deeper Back Covers for Increased Oil Capacity. 40oz. Crank Case Capacity

-Reinforcing Ring on Inlet And Discharge Ports Replaceable PTFE Coated Body Guides

-Stainless Steel


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