TSF2221 10GPM GP Gear Box Assembly B18-B31


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General Pump Gear Box Made Ready 10 Gallons Per Minute.

Many people are looking for options to change their pump from a direct drive or a belt drive assembly to a gear box assembly.

A Gear Box Assembly is designed for you to install an alternative pump option for a motor you already have. This also includes Predator Motor Builds.

Our Gear Box Assembly is already put together for you to save time and confusion. Our team properly installs and packs the gear box assembly to ship directly to you!


We highly recommend picking up a pump support bracket to mount on the bottom of your pump. This will help relieve the tension and weight that is on the Gear Box from supporting the Pump. The HEAVIER THE PUMP. The More this is NECESSARY to ensure your unit doesn’t have any issues long term. 

Please choose the appropriate option for your motor specs:

  • GMR GP 10GPM B31 – General Pump 10 Gpm TSF2221 Pump and PA B31 Gear Box Assembly for 1-1/8th” Shaft Motors – IGX800
  • GMR GP 10GPM B24 – General Pump 10 Gpm TSF2221 Pump and PA B24 Gear Box Assembly for 1-1/8th” Shaft Motors – GX690
  • GMR GP 10GPM B18 – General Pump 10 Gpm TSF2221 Pump and PA B18 Gear Box Assembly for 1″ Shaft Motors – GX390, GX630, Predator Motors

Additional information

TSF 2221 B18-31

TSF2221 10GPM B31 for 1-1/8th" Shaft Motors – IGX800, TSF2221 10GPM B24 1-1/8th" Shaft Motors – GX690, TSF2221 10GPM B18 1" Shaft Motors – Predator 670, GX390, GX630, Predator 459-420


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