Super Swivel Hose Reel Swivel – 5000 psi – 1/2 in x 1/2 in – Super Swivels


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The Super Swivel 9 SS 8 FP 50 X FP 50 is a professional grade hose reel swivel with a full flow design that is crafted in the United States of nickel plated steel with a ball bearing race design meant to withstand heavy side loads preventing premature seal wear and leaks. Used in a variety of applications such as hose reels, hydraulic log loaders, paint equipment, automatic car washes, wrecker trucks, horizontal directional drilling, machine tool indexers, hydraulic wheel motors, hot tar applicators, robotics, power line equipment, railroad equipment, and mining equipment, their heat treating process allows them to offer higher working pressure ratings.

For different materials, plating options, and sizes that we do not have on our website or in our own inventory, please contact us to see if we are able to order it or drop ship directly from our vendor.

Learn how to replace the seals on your Super Swivel with this excellent tutorial directly from the manufacturer.


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