CRX750 Engine Electric Start 1 1/8″ Shaft


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21.5 Net Power (24 hp Gross) 750cc CRX Series Engine, Horizontal 1-1/8″ x 3.75″ Shaft, Electric Start, 20 Amp Alternator, Key Switch, Oil Cooler, Manual Throttle, Manual Choke, Fuel Pump

This unit has a 20amp recharge system to keep your battery charged and also allow for your unit to run a Hot Box without depleting the battery while out in the Field.


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    All FNA GROUP® motors are warranted by the FNA GROUP® to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, for the periods specified below. This Limited Warranty is subject to the exclusions shown below, applies to the original components only and, is calculated from the date of the original purchase. Any parts replaced under this warranty will assume the remainder of the part’s original warranty period. These warranties pass through to the original purchaser only and are nontransferable. To find the nearest Authorized Service Center (ASC) contact the customer service group: for Cold Water service (877-362-4271) and for Hot Water service (844-375-7577).


    The customer is responsible to maintain and provide a copy of the purchase receipt to the Authorized Service Center at the time of repair to prove warranty status.



    -680CC Engine 3year(s) Parts, 1 year labor EXCLUSIONS: Incorrect or contaminated fuel, Low oil levels

    -GENERAL PUMP® Belt/Direct/Gear Drive Pumps 5 year(s) Parts, 1 year labor Pumps are evaluated by GENERAL PUMP®

    This warranty does not cover the following items:

    1. Normal wear items, such as, seals, O-rings, packing’s, pistons, pump valve assemblies, strainers, belts, brushes, fuses, filters, fans or gaskets.
    2. Damage or malfunctions resulting from accidents, abuse, modifications, alterations, incorrect installation, improper servicing, failure to follow manufacturer’s maintenance instructions, or use of the equipment beyond its stated usage specifications as contained in the operator’s manual.
    3. Damage due to freezing, chemical deterioration, scale build up, rust, corrosion, water quality or thermal expansion.
    4. Damage to components from fluctuations in electrical or water supply.
    5. Normal maintenance service, including adjustments, fuel system cleaning, and clearing of obstructions.
    6. Travel expenses or shipping costs of machines or components for the purposes of repair or replacement of equipment.
    7. The Manufacturer’s warranty obligation is limited to repair or replacement of defective components as provided herein and the Manufacturer shall not be liable for any further loss, damages, or expenses – including damages from shipping, accident, abuse, acts of God, misuse, water quality or neglect. Neither is damage from repairs using non-OEM parts or alterations performed by non-factory authorized personnel nor Failure to install and operate equipment according to the guidelines put forth in the instruction manual shall void warranty.


    LIMITATION OF LIABILITY The FNA GROUP’s liability for special, incidental, or consequential damages is expressly disclaimed. In no event shall The FNA GROUP’s liability exceed the purchase price of the product in question. The FNA GROUP makes every effort to ensure that all illustrations and specifications are correct, however, these do not imply a warranty that the product is merchantable or fit for a particular purpose, or that the product will actually conform to the illustrations and specifications. Our obligation under this warranty is expressly limited at our option to the replacement or repair at a service facility or factory designated by us, of such part or parts as inspection shall disclose to have been defective. THE WARRANTY CONTAINED HEREIN IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE are expressly limited to the duration of this written warranty.


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