Whisper Wash Big Guy 28 inch Replacement Bar 4 Nozzle


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Whisper Wash Big Guy 28 inch Replacement Bar 4 Nozzle

This bar comes in 2 options.

  • 2-tip classic bar
  • 4-tip classic bar


When it comes surface cleaners, Whisper Wash is the name to know. Their components are the best in the industry and are specifically designed and engineered with the end user in mind.


The Whisper Wash Bar is a common wear and tear item that needs to be replaced during normal use.


Whisper Wash bars come in many different lengths so please be sure to order the appropriate replacement bar for your surface cleaner.


The bars come with standard tips. To ensure you get the right tips for your machine GPM and flow ratio, don’t forget to order the tips you might need for your machine separately.


Whisper Wash Bar Options Available from TPWS:

  • Mini Mondo Bar (needs 2 bars)
  • Mondo Bar (needs 2 bars)
  • Ultra Clean 16 Bar
  • Ultra Clean 19 Bar
  • Classic 19 2 Tip Bar
  • Classic 19 4 Tip Bar
  • Ground Force 2 Tip Bar (Works w/ Little Big Guy)
  • Ground Force 4 Tip Bar (Works w/ Little Big Guy)
  • Big Guy 2 Tip Bar
  • Big Guy 4 Tip Bar
  • Maxima 2 Tip Bar
  • Maxima 4 Tip Bar


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