Tucker® DI Tank 1 Cubic Foot Kit


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This is a complete kit. Not just the tank and resin.

These 1 cubic foot DI tanks are ideal for those in the following situations:

– Low TDS (total dissolved solids) area where cost of purification is low

– High TDS area in conjunction with a Tucker® reverse osmosis system for high volume production

The benefit of a large DI tank like this is that you can run many gallons per minute through it and still get ultra pure water compared to smaller DI systems that need to run at much lower flow rates to achieve the best water.

Simple 3/4″ brass garden hose fittings on inlet and outlet. Hook up your tap water supply hose to the inlet and your pure water supply line to the outlet. As the tap water flows through the system it is purified by the Tucker® virgin DI resin that is included in this kit.


This kit includes the following:

QTY 1 – 3/4″ female swivel brass garden hose inlet fitting

QTY 1 – 3/4″ male brass garden hose outlet fitting

QTY 1 – 1 cubic foot DI tank

QTY 1 – 1 cubic foot Tucker® virgin DI resin in reusable bucket

QTY 1 – large mouth funnel for filling your DI tank

QTY 1 – Tucker® handheld TDS meter for checking water purity

QTY 1 – roll of teflon tap for brass fitting installation


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