The NEW Roof King Ransom With Manual Valves

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The NEW Roof King Ransom in box pump system with remote  mixing valve  !!!


18gpm pump puts out 12-14 gpm to the gun with 3/4 hose, 9-11 gpm with 5/8 hose..

Air systems are by far the most durable and reliable systems on the market! Gerald Vess has cleaned 1000’s of roofs and has tried all systems and always goes back to air systems ! They are dummy proof and that’s what you need in business! You need to be working on your project NOT your equipment!
with air systems you can let off the trigger as long as you want without hurting or overheating the pump! ( you can’t to that with gas pumps ,they will blow the pump it off the trigger longer than 15 min or so) no dead batteries or wiring to worry about like 12 volt systems. No generator and remote issues like booster pumps and blowing your hoses spraying bleach all over yards and your truck!  You can spray full flow at 10gpm or put a mist tip and spray a small mist!!! Air systems are the only soft wash systems you can do that without damaging the pump. Air systems pumps are made of all plastic and rubber so as long as you don’t run to much air pressure they won’t leak and ruin your trailer like gas pumps or 12 volts. They are just a superior system to Amy other out there!

Air compressor not included! Any air compressor that has over 5 cfm will work. Don’t run over 90psi with any compressor!

Installation Instructions:

Hold roof king box up to compressor or wall and mark where holes are to be drilled.

Let it down and drill holes.Drill bit size is 8/32

Mount roof king and tighten bolts

There are three places to hook hoses. Bleach,water and soap.

The two 3/4 cam lever barbs hook to hoses that go to bleach and water.

The 3rd is 1/2 and goes to soap tank. If u don’t have a soap tank then just leave that valve closed.

If you have the remote version hook the red wire to the positive side of battery and the black wire to the ground side of the battery.

Hook the air hose from air compressor to the roof king.

The red lever is the on and off valve.

Then prime unit. Close all valves and turn on one valve and run the pump till it’s flowing good then turn it off and repeat with other two valves. Then your ready to go!


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