Pressure Washing 101 Guide: How To Start Your Business


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A step by step guide to forming your business and the basics on pressure washing. The guide discusses pricing jobs, equipment, washing techniques, mix ratios, sales, marketing, and has checklists. Also linked in this guide are sales washing templates, wood cleaning guides, equipment lists with the links to purchase individual items, terms and conditions template for use with your own company.

I wrote this guide as I learned the business myself and it’s been used by many washers some new and some with experience. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. That feedback is what has pushed me to publish it to spread it to a wider audience. This is not a get rich quick industry, it requires effort, research, and hard work to be successful. This guide is intended to help you form the basics of your knowledge to be successful and bring things to your attention you may not be aware of when forming a business.


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