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White Scum Presoak is designed as a pre-soak to facilitate the removal of white scum on block, brick or concrete. White Scum Presoak followed with NMD 80 can be used to remove calcite from concrete masonry units (CMU).
Used in conjunction with NMD 80, this combination will ensure the complete removal of white scum.

White Scum Presoak provides powerful penetration and softening action of white scum.

First apply the White Scum Presoak undiluted and allow it to dwell on the deposit only for approximately five to ten minutes. Apply NMD 80 using an EC Jet (dilutes four parts water to one part solution (4:1) automatically) without rinsing off the White Scum Presoak; allow a five-to-ten-minute dwell time. Rinse completely with a pressure washer to get the desired results. Repeat as necessary.

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